Elevate. Prosper. Inspire. Collaborate.

The EPIC Philosophy

Your home for real conversations, shared experiences, in-depth strategy sessions, frank advice from people who have been there, and a peer-group of people who are on a similar path as you.

As you succeed, you realize that you are changing and growing and those around you may not be doing the same – at least at the same rate as you. You realize that you need more: more connection, more growth, more understanding. You are starving for deeper conversations. You want help to solve your biggest business problems. Really, you want to be around people who “get” you.

Dedication to Personal Growth & Development

Dedication to Personal Growth & Development

At EPIC, we don’t just hang out. It’s much more. EPIC is all about your growth because we know that if you are not growing, you’re dying. For successful men, there is always more. Sure, there is a time to relax, but success is in our blood. So we work together to make each other better fathers, better husbands, better business-people. In short, EPIC men.

Our program is threaded with best-practices from respected gurus in all areas of our lives. Business experts, relationship experts, health experts and YOU all play a role in helping each EPIC member to up-level an area of his life.

What would it be like to be at a level-10 in each critical area of your life? What would that give you? What would that be worth? EPIC provides that eco-system…..and more. Just Be Epic!

Opportunities For Investments & Partnerships

EPIC is more than just a mastermind. It is a place based on trust. That trust pervades every area of an EPIC member’s life, including his financial life. Imagine being able to partner in some of the most exclusive deals that create passive income or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The relationships that you form in EPIC will be for a lifetime, and in that lifetime, we all help each member bring investment and business ideas to life. EPIC, together.

Annual Summits & Mastermind Events

We are a community that values our relationships. We know that relationships are forged face-to-face and through experiences together. Sure, we stay connected through Zoom calls, but we know that the real “bonding” juice is through our events. So, we ask our members to be committed to attending our events not just for yourself, but because you bring your own special genius to our events. And we want each member to spread the genius around. It makes us all EPIC.

Set & Achieve EPIC Goals

As a successful man, we know that you need to strive to achieve more…in every area of your life. So we are going to be there to ensure that you get there; to ensure that you keep the promises that you make to yourself. We will support you and encourage you and even help steer you when you stray from the path that you declare. In the end, you become better and we all become better. One EPIC goal at a time.

Who is EPIC? What is EPIC?


Your EPIC Mastermind Membership Benefits Include:

One year of learning, networking, masterminding, planning and achieving, and experiences that will drastically up-level your business and ultimately your life.
Live Events to gain new insights from incredible speakers and be able to mastermind with your peers. These events are structured for you to accelerate your results in the most efficient way, keeping you on the fast track to success and achieving your business goals. There is time set aside for learning, planning, and networking with your mastermind partners.
You will join us on Zoom meetings twice a month. Each meeting will cover crucial topics related to your business as well as Q&A! Often, these discussions and presentations help handle the most pressing issues in your life as you tap into the power of your like-minded community.
You will receive upon joining, an introductory 60-minute strategy session from co-founders and partners who can help you gain maximum benefit from your membership and can direct you, from the beginning, about how to go about achieving your most pressing goals in any area of your life.

The Membership Process

01EPIC Entry
Apply now to begin your EPIC journey
02EPIC Evaluation
Your EPIC potential will be assessed
03EPIC Experience
Let the EPIC effect begin

The goal is to not just to be successful,
but to be a success in every area of your life.

Your health, your wealth, your relationships, your spirit
and your lifestyle. That’s why we are here.

EPIC has been founded for YOU.

We are the private club for EPIC men who want to prosper,
grow and succeed in an environment of abundance.
I've started masterminds with thousands of members, but there's never been anything like EPIC. We take the success, the growth, and the peer group to create a fertile environment for thriving and living an even more successful life.
Mark YeggeCo- Founder
EPIC provides unlimited access to opportunity and resources, while offering reciprocal value, excitement and advice for all members to achieve our best life.
Len GiancolaCo-Founder